Jurgen Appelo

Management 3.0 Workout

October 8th (1 day)
Price: 2039 LTL (590,53 EUR)
Where: Vilnius

We are glad to present an exclusive chance for a one-day session with the number one management writer in Europe. The workshop is based on the new Management 3.0 Workout book and is a part of a global tour.

The Workshop is organized between 8 and 30 people who will be seated in groups of 4 to 6 people to do games and exercises, experiment with tools, and have discussions about management topics, with an emphasis on storytelling.

During The Workshop

  • We use Delegation Boards to clearly communicate which key decisions areas are delegated to participants, and at which level;
  • We pay attention to the Champfrogs Checklist for intrinsic motivation, and evaluate how this can be applied to organizational change;
  • We practice making Personal Maps and having Improvement Dialogues that will address the participants and workshops themselves;
  • There will be an opportunity to discuss Salary Formulas as a way of achieving fairness and transparency in organizations;
  • There is a Kudo Box to get people to appreciate each other’s contributions, and a Celebration Grid to evaluate the experiments;
  • We discuss and explore a Metrics Ecosystem and Problem Time, in order to understand performance and progress;
  • We publicly list everyone who contributed to the event with Project Credits and evaluate a product or service with a Feedback Wrap;
  • We will find out how effectively measure team performance, decide on salaries and bonuses, define job titles and career paths, change the organization’s culture.

More information about the workshop you can find here.


Successful completion of this course leads to delegates obtaining an official certificate of attendance.


Jurgen Appelo is a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, developer, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, and… Dutch guy.

Since 2008 Jurgen writes a popular blog at www.noop.nl, that covers topics including Agile management, software engineering, business improvement, personal development, and complexity theory. He is the author of the book Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders, which describes the role of the manager in Agile organizations. And he wrote the little book How to Change the World, which describes his new supermodel for change management. He is also a speaker who is regularly invited to talk at business seminars and conferences around the world.


Contact us at turas @ agile.lt

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